The box to begin with is far away from our team when we think and work to give brands the right connect.Then we dive deep into the box to ensure everything is in place for a flawless execution!

Brand Engagement

Interaction and connection are the focal points of a great brand engagement. And we understand that! We use experiential marketing to create the desired ‘pull’ effect for brands.

Corporate Events

Beyond the real of light, sound, stage and performers lies the soul of Events. Velocity brings to life this soul through innovative ideas. Our team has the experience to deliver an event where everyone goes back happy!

Exhibition and Retail

Wonder what one can do with an empty 3D space? We say “Wonders”. We tell stories and build memorable experiences in exhibitry and retail space. This is strongly backed by the understanding of important factors like exhibition ergonomics, architecture, interior design and more.

Creative Services

Visual communication is a very strong medium to communicate, engage and persuade. We use illustrations, design, color, typography and most importantly ‘the thought’ to create powerful visuals. We don’t make people see, we make people observe and take notice!

Digital Marketing

This is the information age! Our team has its finger on the pulse of various mediums of digital marketing. We have a knack for integrating ‘Offline’ and ‘Online’ to give our clients the extra mileage from a campaign.


We’ve had our ‘Eureka’ moments and we never let them fade. The intellects in our team have come together to create some amazing IPs over the years.



Step 1

the challenge.


Step 2

big, not so big, crazy, crooked…we just think!


Step 3

our strategies, plan their flow and execution.


Step 4

stories, ideas and campaigns though concept notes, visual presentations, illustrations, 3D graphics and other mediums.


Step 5

this is where the magic happens!


Step 6

after we plan some more…and some more.


Step 7

because your feedback matters and it helps us learn, it helps us evolve!

OUTCOMES we're interested in

Outcomes are much more reliable area of focus. They are the result of the hard work you expend through your outputs.


Meaningful relationships don’t start and stop with the festive seasons.

Loyal Customers

Recognize, reward and record each fan interaction.

Qualified Leads

We see these leads as a great opportunity for businesses because the customer has a strong intent to buy. When these qualified leads are contacted, there is a much higher success rate.

Transparency & Authenticity

With an authentic and transparent integrated marketing agency at your side, you’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders knowing you can lean on them as true partners.

Measure ROI

No more struggles to prove the benefits from your marketing campaigns.


A conversion is an online metric that shows the customer’s journey from a media output to a sales outcome.